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GYMPROLUXE Belt Tubes (Add more weight)

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Allows you to add more weight to your bands.

30 Day Risk Free Trial

Try Gymproluxe with peace of mind.

Lifetime Warranty

We have a lifetime guarentee on all our products.

GYMPROLUXE Belt Tubes (Add more weight)

Over 100+ Gym Quality Exercies

GYMPROLUXE replaces thousands of dollars
of gym equipment making working out convenient and easy

How does GYMPROLUXE Compare?

Builds muscle & strength
Gym quality workout
Lightweight and portable
One device, multiple workouts
Workout anytime, anywhere
Easy storage


Frequently Asked Questions

Free weights give you a constant resistance. For example, if you do a bicep curl with 25 pound dumbbells, the resistance is 25 pounds when you start the exercise and 25 pounds when you finish the exercise. It is constant. It does not vary.

GYMPROLUXE uses variable resistance training, which effectively lowers the resistance during the lifter’s weakest range of the lift and increases it during the stronger portion. As a result, you put less stress on your joints where you are weaker and more stress at points in the range of motion where you are strongest.

With GYMPROLUXE variable resistance exercises you maximize the force being applied to the muscle, which builds greater muscular activity.

Quite simply, most resistance bands cannot handle a heavy amount of force. 99% of bands out there, even resistance bands for pull up bars, are made from a petroleum-based material. This is a weak material and the bands will snap when enough force is applied to it.

The variable resistance bands that come with GYMPROLUXE are made of layered latex, which is extremely powerful and far more powerful than most bands out there. GYMPROLUXE is designed to handle over 200 pounds of force when used.

We have a 30 day money back guarantee and a LIFETIME warranty. Just reach out to us directly if you would like to return it.

If you’re not satisfied, just email ​​. Include your order number and reason for the return.

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