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Gymproluxe™ Band and bar set (23KG,46KG,69KG)

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The all-in-one portable gym that allows you to perform over 100+ gym quality exercises anywhere, anytime.

30 Day Risk Free Trial

Try Gymproluxe with peace of mind.

Lifetime Warranty

We have a lifetime guarentee on all our products.

Gymproluxe™ Band and bar set (23KG,46KG,69KG)

Over 100+ Gym Quality Exercies

The GYMPROLUXE is in all-in-one portable gym that replaces thousands of dollars
of gym equipment making working out convenient and easy

How does Gymproluxe compare?

GymproluxeHeavy workout equipment
Builds muscle & strength
Gym quality workout
Lightweight and portable
One device, multiple workouts
Workout anytime, anywhere
Easy storage


Frequently Asked Questions

Numerous studies have proven that the gains from training with resistance bands are equal to the gains from training with weights and machines.

Additionally the improvement in resistance band technology means that we can provide you with a strenuous workout up to 265lb.

If you feel you want to go the next level with your workout, simply purchase additional bands at the next strength level.

Our 48kg set is the most popular as it provides a decent workout for most people.

If you have worked out before you probably understand how much you can bench press, seated row etc… then choose a set that matches the weights you would workout with at a gym.
If you are still wondering, we have pulled together a simply guide to help point you in the right direction.
Never worked out = 80lb/36kg Band & Bar set
Work out occasionally = 106lb/48kg Band & Bar set
Modest strength training = 152lb/69kg Band and Bar set
Heavy strength training = 200lb/90kg Band and Bar set
Competitive strength training = 265lb/120kg Band and Bar set

Don’t forget you can buy additional resistance tubes as your strength progresses, so please don’t buy the right strength for your workouts today – not what you wish you could press!

Our resistance bands are made from the highest quality natural latex and the bar is made from solid steel. Quality is important to us, which is why we offer a lifetime warranty on our products.

Resistance bands, by their nature will provide a workout for all, however we suggest if you are very short, then you may want to increase strength to the next size up, or if you are very tall then you may want to decrease to the next size down. This should ensure you get a challenging workout through the full range of motion.

You can either email, live chat or call us – we would be more than happy to answer any other queries (within reason!)!

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Live Chat –
Call - (USA) 092 999 5211
(UK) 0203 429 7970

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